“SIDECHECK” is the handmade custom stick headphone project by DJ Hironobu Jyounai. Reproduce with the one that unfortunately have a snapped band. These are made to use the great design for a long time in your DJ life and to feel fondness.



“SIDECHECK” is the handmade custom stick headphone project by DJ Hironobu Jyounai. When it comes to a broken joint, a worn-out head & ear pad, or a bad plug contact… majority of the reason for replacing a headphone is not because of the defect of the unit itself but the durability issue of an attached part. It is a proof how the respective manufacturers put their cost on the most important sound part, and I think the issue is unavoidable. “SIDECHECK” is a project to repair and revive such headphones which are unfortunately about to be thrown away without playing any sound ever again. In addition, they are offered with a DJ friendly specification with a combination of a design like no one has ever seen.

In ice hockey there is a defense terminology called “backcheck” which describes FW chasing a counter attacker from the opponent’s defensive zone. The name “SIDECHECK” means checking a headphone with a specification which has never seen from the side of a DJ booth as well as providing support for a DJ’s performance from the side. We would be delighted if a revived headphone is used further for a long time in a DJ’s life and users feel attached to it. Since the production is based on used items, the sales are available on a face-to-face basis as a rule. Order-to-made and mail order offerings are only available for customers who accept an explanation regarding the concerned matters for production and post-delivery repair terms. Thank you. stickheadphone.com